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How to Make International Calls

When placing an international call it is necessary to first dial a special sequence of numbers. This is followed by the country code for the country being called  and in most cases by a city or area code. All of the information necessary to make international phone calls is contained on this website.  Dialing instructions, area codes, country dialing codes and city calling codes for all of the countires in the world are included.


International Dialing Instructions

When making international calls from the USA, Canada and most of the Caribbean dial the following sequence.  Include the international country code for the country being called along with the city code.  Country dialing codes are listed on the Country Code page.  Not all countries have city dialing codes, especially small countries, so it is not always necessary to include a city code.  You can find city codes on the City Code page.

011 + (country code) + (city code) + (local phone number)

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When making international calls from countries other than the USA, Canada and the Caribbean the following dialing sequence is normally used.  Note that the dialing sequence for making international calls from some countries does not follow this pattern so visit the individual country pages  to determine the international dialing instructions for specific countries.

00 + (country code) + (city code) + (local phone number)

The country code for the USA, Canada and the Caribbean is 1.  Therefore, when making international calls to these locations it is necessary to dial:  00 + 1 + (area code) + (local phone number).  Area codes for both countries can be found on these pages Canada or the United States.

When making international calls between the the USA, Canada and the Caribbean dial: 1 + (Area Code) + (local phone number).  Make Cheap International Calls with prepaid phone cards from any location in the world.